Online Bill Pay


Utility Bills

Bills and notices relating to the conduct of business of the Utility shall be mailed to the Customer’s address that is listed on the “Service Application” unless changed of address has been filed in writing with the Utility. A Customer shall not be excused from the payment of any bill, nor the performance required by any notice, because of failure to receive the bill or notice.

The Utility shall bill each Customer on a monthly basis according to the Utility’s approved Schedule of Rates and Charges, and all charges due under the City of Glasgow’s Ordinances for garbage collection in the City Limits. Bills shall show each charge separately. All monthly bills shall be due on the due date shown on the bill. Questions regarding charges for service should be directed to Glasgow Water Company, 301 West Main Street (270-651-3727). Questions regarding charges for garbage collection should be directed to Glasgow City Hall, 126 East Public Square (270-651-5131).


Payment Due Date

Due dates for payment will not be less than ten (10) days after the date of the bill. Bills paid on or before the due date will be payable at the net amount. Payments after the due date will be subject to a late penalty of ten percent (10%). The late penalty and due date shall be shown on the bill. If the due date falls on Saturday, Sunday, or any Holiday that the Utility observes, the date of the next business day will become the due date. Bills are to be paid at the Glasgow Water Company’s main office at 301 West Main Street or other locations designated by the Utility.

For a current list of other locations to pay a bill contact the Glasgow Water Company, 301 West Main Street (270-651-3727). Customers have the following options to pay their bill: Payment by mail, payment in the main office, payment in the night deposit box outside the main office, payment at local participating banks, and payment by automatic bank draft.


Late Fee

If payment of the utility bill has not been received by the Utility on or before the due date of the bill, a ten percent (10%) late penalty will be added to the bill. A late notice will also be mailed to the Customer. All services are subject to disconnection if payment has not been received in full on or before the disconnect date specified in the delinquent notice.


Service Disconnect

If payment is not received by the time and date specified on the late notice, the Utility will disconnect service. Before service will be reconnected, the delinquent bill, all late penalties, and a Termination Fee as outlined in the Utility’s approved Schedule of Rates and Charges must be paid in full. The Termination Fee shall be assessed if the Utility representative terminates service or if, in the course of the trip, the customer pays a delinquent bill to avoid termination. The fee shall also be made if the Utility representative agrees to delay termination based on the Customer’s agreement to pay the delinquent bill by a specific date. The Utility shall make a Termination Fee charge only once in any billing cycle.

Once service is disconnected and if Customer pays delinquent bills and Termination Fee during normal business hours service shall be reconnected in a timely manner at no additional charge. However, if service reconnection is requested after normal business hours, an After Hours Reconnection Fee as outlined in the Utility’s approved Schedule of Rates and Charges, in addition to delinquent bills and Termination Fee shall be paid prior to reconnection of service.

Service may be refused to any Customer who has a delinquent account with the Utility for any past service. Before new service is approved all delinquent balances for past service must be paid in full. If a Customer has service at more than one location and terminates service at one of the locations, any delinquent balances of the terminated account will become a balance on billing for another account in which the Customer is being served.

If a Customer is disconnected due to non-payment the Customer may request that the Utility waive the Termination Fee. Only one (1) amnesty waiver per Customer per account shall be allowed within a twelve (12) month period. All delinquent bills, late penalties, and other unpaid fees must be paid in full before service will be reconnected.


Payment Extensions

A Customer Payment Extension may be granted at the discretion of the Utility. An extension of service may be granted with a signed agreement to pay off delinquent payments within the timeframe specified in the agreement. If payment is not received in the timeframe specified in the extension, service will be disconnected. There will be a maximum of three (3) extensions in a twelve (12) month period. No extensions will be granted beyond the last day of payment before service is disconnected.


Returned Checks / ACH Returns

When a check or ACH payment is returned to the Utility by the Customer’s bank, a Return Check Fee as outlined in the Utility’s approved Schedule of Rates and Charges will be applied. If a Customer has three (3) returned checks within a twelve (12) month period, the Utility has the right to refuse any further personal checks from the Customer for a twelve (12) month period. If the bank notifies the Customer of a returned check, contact the Utility as soon as possible to prevent disconnection of services. If a Customer has two (2) ACH returns within a twelve (12) month period, that Customer is no longer eligible to participate in ACH (Automatic Bank Draft) payments.